Eliminate weird timeline behaviour in Symbol Edit

There is a very strange thing that happens to the timeline when I work with Symbols.
I can’t explain this without an example, so here I go:

Let’s say I am on frame no. 2500 on the main timeline, and some Layers downwards.
I need to edit a Symbol, so I select it and enter Edit with cmd-E.
After having edited the Symbol I exit it by selecting the little ‘Top’ house icon.
At this point I would expect to be taken back exactly to where I was, at Frame 2500, and on the same Level.

Instead, the playhead stays at frame 2500 (that is I can still see what I was working on), but the timeline has skipped back to the beginning and up to the top layers.
In other words, there is a discrepancy between where the playhead is and what I am seeing on the timeline.

So, of course, to continue working, I have to scroll back and find where the playhead was. Which, when you have a long stretch of frames and many levels can be quite a task.

If I use many Symbols and edit them often, I’m forever playing a frustrating game of ‘Search for the place you were’, which makes the workflow uneven, unpleasant, and easily leads to error.
By the way, I have noticed that this happens also with Animate PRO.

This may very well just be something that was never implemented, but to everyday purpose it’s a malfunction, and I think it really needs to be corrected.