Elements re-positioning when animating.


Little bit of a problem I’ve been having and I can’t seem to figure it out.

I’m attempting to animate a zoom shot, however certain drawing elements seem to re-position themselves once I put the motion in. Before I put the zoom in and play it the elements are in the correct positions. I’ve tried grouping them and putting them all under the peg. I’ve also tried putting the peg on the camera and putting the peg on the objects and increasing the scale, but the problem persists whichever route I go.

Any ideas would be most welcome.

Presuming you didn’t key-frame those Elements ?
You might have to reposition those Drawing Elements in their Z-position ?
They might be to far apart from the rest of your Drawing Elements ?

Select any of the Drawing Elements in question in the Timeline or Viewport…
Open the Properties Panel and check their Z-positions…
(the third Offset: window to the right)…
Adjust the value, F = forward, B = backward or “-” (minus)…

Or, select any Drawing, hold down the option-key, then hit the up- or down-arrow keys…
(up for backward, down for forward)

Or, open the Side- or Top-View, zoom in, and use the arrow-keys for adjustments…
Or move them manually…


Thanks for the reply Nolan, however I key framed the peg that everything is assigned to. Here’s a before and after.

Shot without camera motion.


Shot with camera motion.


Both the garage door and the garage bg are assigned to the peg…not really sure what happened here.