Element node under generator tab


I´m just curious about this node. I was looking for ways to combine 2 drawing nodes into one and I came across this one. Is it internal toon boom stuff? Can someone tell me how can be used? I’ve tried to fill into the “drawing path” but I couldn’t. The only document I could find talks about drawings and element nodes indistinctly.

Thank you in advance!


I’m not sure if this isn’t a legacy module. It’s basically the same as a Drawing module but empty. You can select another drawing’s path and use it as a duplicate, a bit like a timing column. You should also be able to use it to connect to an exterior sequence or a background, without the need to import to Harmony but I haven’t test that.

That’s what I was thinking. Maybe I cannot do anything with it because of my license type. Timings columns are available in server mode it seems, but not local. At least I cannot create this columns. They don’t show up at all. But hei, thanks for the answer! :slight_smile: