element moving with camera pan

hi all - been doing panning for a few years now and this one has me stumped… i have a bunch of pegged elements set up with none as children to the camera peg… when i pan to the sides, my main character moves with the camera while all the other characters and backgrounds remain in place and pan as it should … i have tried a bunch of things and no luck … the main character is standing on a path - the camera is panning to the right to show an old man sitting on a bench … when i move the scene the main character moves to the left and is standing on the grass… using tb 4.5 on a mac … thanks, dan

Hi there,

It’s a little difficult to say just by your description what might be the problem here. I think it would be a good idea to contact support, and they will be able to have you send them your project so we can get to the bottom of this. Contact them at support@toonboom.com

Hope this helps,