Element are present in the timeline but not rendering.

There’s a chance I’m missing something but I’m at a loss.

I’ve been working on an animation project the past few days. I consider myself a seasoned amateur. I’m not proficient enough to be considered pro but I’ve been at it enough to have an idea of what I’m doing. Anyway… the problem.

It was working fine last night and thankfully I’d completed and rendered the part already for the final cut but basically what’s wrong is the drawing elements I have for one such segment is not showing up on the Camera view and the Render view.
I took a test render of a frame and the same thing.

The elements are definitely there, along with the Tone Masks. And visibility is on so it’s not that.

Does Animate 3 struggle with large frame counts? My project has numerous cuts on the one timeline. 585 frame. 12fps.

To clean up the timeline I group stuff together.
I Parented(?)/grouped the “missing” elements with a Drawing element.
That for whatever reason made it vanish.

Problem solved.