Hi I was wondering if anyone knew how to create an electricity sound effect or ,what elements are put together to make it, like the ones in movies like starwars (force lightning) because no one has it on the internet and besides I like to create my own sounds instead of downloading it so that they can have a good sound quality.Thank you and also if anyone knows an item that makes a cool sound or just anything about sound effects recording would really be appreicated thank you.

Can Someone Please answer my question its been on this forum for more than a month does anyone know anything about the creation of this sound.

Try to find a sound snippit for a Jacob’s Ladder, thats the device you see in horror movies like Frankenstein with the electicity climbing up between two rods. -JK

If you have Garage Band (comes with newer Macs) you could check out the FX that it supplies. Also might check out some user forums associated w/ audio software or audio creation. What software are you using to create your sounds?

I use Sonar 3

Don’t try to make the sounds by humming, trust me it doesn’t work. Get a twenty dollar voice recorder and go to some power lines, then amplify that hum in a cheap sound program and add some noise. It works but it takes some work Make sure you record for a few minutes.