Either Importing A .psd File Broke, Or I'm Doing Something Wrong. Please Help Me Figure Out Which.

I am under the strict impression that I’m following the correct procedure in order to import a .psd file into Harmony separate layers and all, but all I end up importing is something that looks like MissingNo. from Pokemon Red and Blue.

If you don’t know what I’m referring too (or are curious, confused, but want to help) here is a link to a screen recording I made of me going through what I thought was the correct process.


Help me ToonBoom Community, you are my only hope. My grade depends on this.

If you post the PSD we could try and see if we have any luck importing.

Unfortunately, the only kinds of files I can upload are jpg, jpeg, gif, png.

I watched your video and when you go to Import Options you have the first item checked Keep as Original Bitmap.

For me I always use the second option Import as Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing. With this option I get the individual layers and I am able to edit the object, meaning I can select it and perform operations on it like if I wanted to use the cutter on it for example.

That first option it comes in with a little icon that looks like a green mountain, a tiny landscape. It is static in a way, it is not like a regular drawing layer. When you import it as a Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing it will have that little icon of the triangle, cube and sphere, just like a regular drawing layer. In your posted video you can see how the CyberRaptor layer has that little landscape icon. The only tool that you can use on it would be the Transform tool. But if you import the file as a Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing you can use the other tools, Select, Cutter, Eraser, take a brush and paint on top of it, etc.

Try the second option and see if it works for you.

Thanks for the suggestion, I just attempted the method that you proposed, but unfortunately the results were the same. I’ve contacted support in hopes they can help. I think this might be beyond the forum’s hive mind.

In looking at your video too, I saw that you had multiple items grouped. I have been having problems with my Adobe CC account the past two weeks and just got it squared away and running again, but when I group multiple items (layers) in Photoshop and import them into Harmony it will put each different layer in a group as consecutive frames on the same layer if that makes any sense.

When I am in Photoshop I put each layer in its own group and then when I import into Harmony using the Import as Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing and Create Layers Based on Filename, it will bring in the layers with the names and each item is on its own layer.

Maybe one last thing to try is take your CyberRaptor character in Photoshop and take each layer and make a group for it. Right Hand is in a Right Hand group, Left Hand in Left Hand Group, etc. and then import that into Harmony with the TB Bitmap Drawing option and Create Layers based on Filenames options and see if it works.

Did you solve this issue? You should select the option ‘Create Layers Based on Filenames’ on the first menu, not ‘Create Single Layer Named:’. As mentioned before, it might be better to select ‘Import as Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing’ instead of ‘Keep as Original Bitmap’ - you’ll get lighter files that you can edit and they will display better on OpenGL view.

If you check the documentation, the correct procedure is having every layer into its own group. It is suggested that you have a group named Head with a layer name Head, a group named Hand with a layer named Hand inside, and so on, but I think it makes more sense to number all the layers as ‘1’ (if you have only one layer per group). The group name in Photoshop will be the layer name in Harmony and the layer name in Photoshop will be the drawing name (hence, you will have a layer named ‘Head’ with drawing ‘1’).

To import as separate layers you should only have several layers inside the same group if you have animation made in Photoshop or drawings to use as substitutions, for instance if you have several LeftHand you would make a group called LeftHand with layers/drawings 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., while for most other layers you should have only a drawing inside each layer. When you import that file, a layer LeftHand will be created with several drawings numbered 1, 2, 3,…


Luis Canau

Thanks again, for your advice, I really wish this one worked, but it did not. I promise your suggestion was not in vain, I did not consider the fact that Adobe CC may be to blame, haha.

Thanks for letting me know about the documentation. I realize that I didn’t choose “Create Layers Based on FIlenames”, but even after following this method, I still got the same results. I’m hoping support will get in touch with me soon to figure this out. I appreciate the help, though!

Oh upload it to mediafire or megaupload and link that, we can try and see if it’s occurring for us or not.