Ego problems....

And I’m not talking about frozen waffles, which I understand are scattered all over a beach in southern california in a place called Sandy Ego… no, sorry , that’s San Diego, pardon me.

Anyway, I really like the new look of the forum, but it’s got “newbie” and “Junior member” next to our user name/info. I’m no pro, fergoshsakes, but how do I advance to the next level of play here??


I would guess that by contributing more and more posts that one would move up in status.

Quite frankly though, what difference does it make? Unless of course there’s a million dollar prize for the first person with a thousand posts. I doubt that anyone is going to be impressed as your status goes up on this board or any other. I’m more impressed by the animation that people create, and by the willingness of people to selflessly assist others. But that’s just my opinion.

Wow, thanks for straightening me out, Steve… I was really on a run for a few minutes. ;D

Seriously, if I was vain enough (and I am) to really really be serious about this, I’d be vain enough (again, I am) to be concerned about the impression this concern would make!

Mostly goofin’, but I thought I’d see who knows about this, seriously.


Actually, it might make more sense to decrease your rating as you post.
Something like…
hard working animator,
incessant complainer,
has no life…

I’m such a newbie, that I don’t even know what a newbie is.

Brian Hoard
BHH Studio

That’s great, Brian! ;D

Newbie or not Newbie, that is the question.

Hi, guys. When TBS started this new site, I was also a bit taken aback that us old users who have been bantering back and forth over the past year suddenly became Newbies. What a dopey word, huh? I first noticed the term in the Flash forums.

Anyhow, Steve and Brian are absolutely right–it’s of NO importance. I just finished my third animation–the first one was done using Toon Boom–and I just haven’t had time to log on here enough to get past that lowly newbie phase. What say we Toon geezers start an Oldie, but Newbie Club?


Oldie but a Newbie. I like that Elwood.

I especially like it because it gives me a reason to create another post so I can move up this food chain a little! :smiley:

Steve, wait for me. I want to move up too! I wonder what the various stages are called?

-Elwood “Newbie-For-Now” Smith

PS: To other Forum Users: I promise I won’t keep this up, wasting space. Now back to creating animation.

It’s well known that “life keeps score”, call it karma or whatever.
And as our world becomes increasingly cyber, it does make me wonder what it might be like in, say 100 years.
Where things ratings really might matter, and as in ebay, people and vendors alike are marked by their past deeds.

Can you imaging if we all carried stats with us in all parts of our life?
Maybe the proverbial “permanent record” will really exist.
It would definately keep us honest.
For me, it would show a ridiculous total of how many days, weeks, years I’ve spent in front of video games, or pondering the validity of forum ratings.

Brian Hoard
BHH Studio

Who knew my wise-butt little moment of immature joshin’ around would spark such a philosophical debate on the meaning of life itself.

I guess I’m still sounding like a wise acre, but Brian, that is some heady stuff there. Sorta scary, actually, since it seems to pull forgiveness right out of the picture with some digital dooly-bobber keeping a list of all our evil. Who knows?