Is there a easy way to get the effect of a simple shadow, i.e, without drawing it yourself?

N.B. Not a drop shadow, a shadow cast on an object itself, the darker side effect. ::slight_smile:

Hello. In Toon Boom Studio is usually cut with the cutter tool and repaint the shaded areas with a dark copy of the standard colors.
You can also divide the area to paint and shade using pencil tool (centerline) size :0-0 (Verify stroke pressing the k key)
The other way is to use masks: duplicate drawing 2 times (original and 2 copies)
Make a clipping effect, and place the drawing 1 indented below the mask, and move it a little bit (that will result in the shaded area) indent the copy drawing 2 below clipping mask (the clip), the third copy element is the shadow basis (which should be a bit darker, maybe indented below a colour transform effect or simply recolorize it), put it outsided, below the clipping mask effect. Unify all elements and effects below a peg, and then collapse it to prevent offset layers movements. This is not simple, but effective mode. Take a preview and check the result. I recommend reading all about the use of masks. (Toon Boom Help) I hope you find it useful. Yoryo

This is unfortunate, I was interested too in learning about more effects with TBS 5. It seems it’s very limited in this. I’d also like to add shading, focus, morphing, etc… as found in Anime Studio Pro.

Hi Cristopher.
I think that the specific purpose of Toon Boom Studio has not been considered from the standpoint of effects-based high end, but as a all in one vector based program, complete, consolidated, which allows you to run a project in a comprehensive way, very suitable for learning paperless animation, traditional and cut out mode, useful for apprentices, amateur and professional animators, which can then move into the line of products, to Toon Boom software decidedly high-end oriented. Anyway every year, Toon Boom Studio has been offering significant developments to improve the visual aesthetics of its kind. Anime Studio Pro as a different concept that Toon Boom, it has not big brothers; Toon Boom covers a gradient of users, from apprentices to the industry, with scalable high end software.
In the other hand, morphing and non vector effects as blur, in shading and focus, are available in Animate and following advanced software. Greetings. Yoryo

Good to know! Thanks.