Effects, Shadow, Highlights and Tones

A true newbie in Animate. Tried reading the Animate Help and also tried grasping elusive information from the Help PDF on how to do Effects, Shadow, Highlights and Tones.

What I found there was merely description about effects and other adjustments which to a newbie like me is like I am inside a cockpit and trying to decipher buttons and switches which to me is very unfamiliar because the only thing I can operate is an old car! (just my analogy!) ;D

How I wish someone with expertise in doing things like highlights, tones and masking can do a tutorial that can really help a newbie! I tried googling around but to no avail! The best result is comes from cartoonsmart by Justin but I am already finished doing those and wish to advance my very little knowledge in working with Animate or Animate Pro. BTW, I have just downloaded my PLE edition of Animate Pro.

Thanks in advance if this wish can be granted.