Effects outside the edge of frame/border/bounding box?

Relatively new to Harmony, I use After Effects and Nuke a lot
Im trying to get a shine effect which starts off screen / outside the edge of frame/border/bounding box
Have attached a screenshot, anything I do with pegs/3d etc doesnt work, seems like the effect only works in screen space? Any suggestions or info on what Harmony does off screen/outside the edge of frame?
I know I could increase the resolution and crop later but Im looking for a Harmony only solution



MEL from Toon Boom here.

It seems the Shine node is being a little bit troublesome, and we have no official fix for it. It should normally work even out of bound.

The bug has been loggued, thank you.

In the meantime, to fix for this issue, (and to fix most “out of bound” issues with different nodes and processes, is to render it in screen and **then move result out with an Apply-Image-Transformation node. **

Hope this helps!

Have a wonderful day!
(Sorry for the delay i have just now started to take care of the forum)