Effects on PLE

I’m very sorry if there is already a thread about this but…

Ive installed TBA PLE (Version 2) . Where can I find effects?

I used the older (?) version and it was very simple by clicking the add button on the timeline and then selecting effects.

I hope this isnt a limitation in the ple, but i think im just kinda blind to see how it works…


I assume you have downloaded the PLE pro version. If so then you need to add effects in network view. Check my tutorial on this on my youtube channel.

Hey TheRaider thank you! ;D

You’ve got some very nice tutorials up on youtube.

To be honest… I’m even starting to like the “Network System”. It gives a better control over the elements properties!


Another little question…

How can i change the thickness of lines from an imported drawing (vectorized)?

depends if the vector is pencil lines or brush strokes.

If it is pencil lines you can select it and in the tool properties edit the size, with brush strokes you can’t.

However you can convert brush strokes to pencil lines however it isn’t a perfect conversion because of the different nature of pencil lines and brush strokes.

Thanks for the kind comments on the tutorials :smiley:

Hm… I don’t exactly know if they are brush or pencil strokes. I just imported and vectorized the images.

InkScape [SVG] >> Export to PNG >> Import PNG into TBA >> Vectorized in TBA (Automatic).

I haven’t ever imported an image for that purpose so I am not an expert by any means but you can go to the drawing menu and select convert and try converting to pencil lines (with it selected of course).

Yes, I think it would take… decades or so :o

I think I will make the lines bigger in Inkscape itself…

Thanks for your help.

By default it creates brush strokes so you would need to convert to pencil lines. As TheRaider said, the conversion from brush to pencil is not perfect because a centreline must be extracted.

Otherwise you could try to use the contour editor to modify the lines but this would take some time.