Effects not working.

Hi everyone.
I’m having issues with the effects in Harmony Advanced 12.2.

I’ve been watching the official tutorials and I think I’m doing in the right way but all the effects are not working.

I insert the effect I want in the layers panel, I drag it on the top of all the layers, I drag the layer I want to be affected inside the effect and go to render mode in Camera View, but when I change the parameters of the effects nothing change on my drawing.

I’ve tryed with the auto-render button switched on and off, but nothing.

I’ve tryed to find other people having issue like that but nothing.
I’m using Toon Boom Harmony Advanced 12.2 on a Win10 PC.

Here is an image of my screen so you can see if anything is wrong.

Someone can help?
Thank you,

Make the Effect a child of your drawing…
(Drag the Effect to be used inside the drawing, not the other way round).

Ohhhhhhh my god it was soooo simple…thanks a lot.