Effects not Rendering in Render View or img exports

I am running the free trial version of Stage Advanced.

I’ve added some tone/highlight effects, which show up perfectly in the OpenGL view. They do NOT appear in Render View, nor are they present in my image exports. I’ve tried a variety of export options, both with transparency and without…Played with OpenGL / Render settings in preferences…nada.

I do not believe this is an export issue, since the effects do not appear in the Render View to begin with. Blur effects DO appear, but not tone/highlight…weird. Seems like some sort of OpenGL issue, or perhaps my effect/matte settings are setup wrong?

Is this a limitation of the free trial version? Any thoughts? Thank you.

It’s not a limitation of the trial.

Try to isolate the problem by making a template of each effect and loading that into a new, blank scene. This should make it easier to “debug”. You can be certain that if the effect is not appearing in the render view that it also won’t show in the actual render.

Remember that tones and highlight require a matte and a target. Have you had a look at the Harmony Advanced videos here:

For a general guide to effects in Advanced.