Effects layer? Nope, not here.

Hi all!

Ok, so I’m new to all this and I’ve been experimenting a bit with Animate Pro PLE. I’ve been following the tutorials, and I ran into this problem; I can’t add an effect layer. Why? Well, the option simply isn’t there.

When I click on the add layer button, these are the options available to me:


And that’s it. There’s no effect layer. I was under the impression that all features such as this were available in the PLE version, so I don’t understand this at all.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong here? Is there something I’m missing? Or something I need to do first in order for the option to appear? Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi! I believe that in Animate Pro the effects are added in the Network View.
You can find all the effects in the Module Library.


I believe that it is problematic to have both Animate and Animate Pro users in the same forum. I have Animate but many times when I come to this forum I see many topics that really only concern Animate Pro users.

The difference between the effects layer in Animate and Animate Pro is just one item along with other features like not being able to print X-sheets, the differences in having a true 3-D space, etc. There are differences in the two programs and the training should be different and the forums should be different.

Am I the only one who thinks this way? To just merge the two products in one forum is causing unnecessary confusion. Just a week ago I was trying to view templates in the eLearning section of Animate and was instead redirected to the Animate Pro eLearning section. I notified Toon Boom webmaster of the problem and it was fixed but still it points to the larger problem. The two programs shouldn’t be so easily lumped together.

Things would be much more simplified, and users would be helped the most if there were an Animate Forum and an Animate Pro Forum.


i agree, workflows in both programs seem to differ somehow, and the correct answers for one are not necessarily compatible with the other tool.
the division of both forums is a good idea.

Oh my god… you mean the Animate Pro kick-start tutorial doesn’t actually deal with Animate Pro? Urgh…

Anyway, thanks! This explains a lot. Do you know if there is proper tutorial out there that deals with this stuff? I tried experimenting a bit now, but it’s very confusing.

The Animate Pro Kick-start Tutorial does deal with Animate Pro. The exception is simply Lesson 14 which relates to Animate only. Instead of
this lesson, do lesson 3 at the bottom under the PRO section as it deals
with the Animate Pro way of implementing effects.

This is explained more fully in the Starting Guide.

We will try to make this clearer on the Web Site.

Excellent, thank you for your help!

UPSSS… SOLVED already… using cutter module…


scungyho, I completely agree that there should be separate forums for Animate & Animate Pro. Thank you for bringing this up as I was thinking about suggesting it also.

Nice in theory, but in practice a bad idea. The community is small and I would like to see it grow. The best way is too keep both groups together.

It is easy enougth to mention which version your using. The similarities far outwiegh the differences. Standard version users pretty much know what features they missing so it isn’t really confusing IMO.

I wonder how hard it would be to allow Pro users to add some effects the same way as standard users.

I think the reason it’s better not to have a separate forum for Animate Pro is that most Animate Pro questions will also be useful to Animate users - there are only a few situations where Pro questions will not be relevant to non-Pro users. So I think it’s handy to have them together. However if someone is using Pro, they should make sure to mention it in case it is one of those cases where it’s only a functionality for Pro.

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