Effects icon - Purple vs Yellow Star

I’ve recently upgraded from TBA3 to Harmony Advanced 12. I noticed that when I create an Effect layer to apply to my art, the Effect layer icon is a YELLOW star.

But if I open a file that had been converted from TBA3 to Harmony Advanced 12 by Toon Boom tech support, the Effects layer icon is a PURPLE star with white inner.

Once difference I’ve noticed is that when the Colour Scale effect is a yellow star icon, it will only affect simple Drawing layers, not multiple sublayers or sub-effects. But when the Colour Scale effect is a purple star icon that was imported from TBA3, it will behave as expected and effect multiple sublayers and sub-effects.

Can someone explain the difference between the yellow and purple effects icons, and how I can CREATE a new Effect layer represented by the purple star icon in Harmony Advanced 12 so it affects multiple sublayers and sub-effects, not just one Drawing layer?

See the attached screen shot.

harmony effects purple vs yellow.png

You need to drag/drop the peg (and its element) on top of the effect so that
the peg is indented relative to the effect in the same way that the element is
indented relative to its peg.

When the effect ‘group’ was made on the version without node view, for example Animate 3, it shows in purple color so that user is aware of this group is done in special way. In this way, you can continue working on the scene done in previous version without any compatibility issue.
In Harmony 12, new way of Time Line is introduced and shows only yellow on all edition.

Thank you.

So, in Harmony Advanced 12, can I apply a new Effect to a Peg containing multiple Drawing layers?

For example, I tried applying a new Blur effect to a Peg containing a character rig composed of several Drawing layers, but it does not seem to apply as expected.

If not, how do I apply an effect to an entire rig consisting of a Peg and several sub-layers?