Effects aren't showing up

I am using ToonBoom Animate Pro 3, and I use to be able to access the effects by using the " + " button in the time line section, but now it is gone and I do not know how to fix it. I even went to preferences and the “Show Effects” is still clicked.

Is there a way to bring back effects to the time line " + " button?

Thank you guys, really don’t know what happened to this.

The " + " I was referring to is the Add Layer button,but there is not a star with effects showing up on the Add Layer anymore when originally I could.


Here are links to what I am getting. I even try to activate effects through the network and module library and they are not working either.




Edit: Also tried adding different connection points to the left side and the tone’s image preview completely disappears in the network view


With Animate Pro 3 most effects only appear in the Timeline after inserting them through the Network window. There are a couple of exceptions. Pro’s effects are node-based and are not fully functional in the Timeline. There is no way to initiate them from there.

Could you be mistaking experiences with Animate rather than Pro? Animate’s effects are all layer-based and it does not feature nodes. Everything is done through the Timeline in regular Animate.

XD I think I might be mistaking animate with Pro, I recently got Pro, so I am probably just a confused mess with the switch. Sorry! I found another feature that will achieve the effect I was want using the network. Still don’t know how to make Tone work but, all is good now. Sorry and thank you all for your help :smiley:

Is there any way to see all Time Line layer and network?

The + means for the peg information. And I do not see any triable button nest to drawing layer which is for the effects.

You should see star sign on effect layer and can be extened with triangle button. Try expend time line and check out more.