Effects and pegs

Hey. I am using harmony essential and i am trying to apply effect. The issue is that when i add (blurr efect for example) to a character peg, it doesn’t work, but when i atach it to a drawing inside that character peg it works. What is wrong there? I’d like to make my whole character blurr and i can only do it for a single part!

thank you!

there is nothign “wrong” here. a peg is simply an invisible object used to push and control other layers. an effect must be applied to a layer that contains artwork.

If you want to apply it to all the character, you must apply the effect to the main composite of such character.

yeah i was with harmony essential so i didn’t have the node view. Seems the trick is to insert the master peg in a group and apply effect to him

Indeed, it should work applying the effect connect to or ‘under’ a group, that same way you’d apply it to a single layer.

Luis Canau