EFFECT Tutorials?

I really don’t understand how work the effects…
(The pdf is very poor when you never have used these type of software…)

Is there some tutorials about using effects, and bezier?

I create a effect layer, with “transparency” for example, I create a children layer for my drawing, and I can’t make my drawing simply… disappear?.. ??? ???


There are a few in my youtube channel too.


I was at work…

My problem , I think, was just that I didn’t use the render view.
I will try this morning… (french morning!)
I’ll keep you advise.

For the bezier, the problem was the way to use it. But I think it was because I didn’t assign a fonction… I’ll check all that.

Did this help you, Fred? Can you describe in more detail where you’re running into trouble?

Are you able to connect your drawing to the effect? And then to set a keyframe on the effect? You can click on the “Data View” button to show the keyframe information on the effect. Then click on the + to show the details of all the functions connected to an effect in the Timeline.

To access the Bezier, double-click on a function in the Timeline (after clicking on the +) and this will access the Bezier editor.