effect non working after exporting as movie with trasparency

I’m using Animate 2 Family

How can I get an effect still working after exporting with trasparency?
It’s just about an animated shadow of my character with no background, (trasparency background). If I put a background behind, (like a white one), it works fine but if I want to get no background at all, my shadow disappear in the exported movie.
The settings of exportation is: Animation / Hight quality / Compressor set to million of colors +
FYI: It works only exporting in FLV but not movie export or TGA image export neighter.

Can somebody helps?


There are some effects, like the shadow, or the blending node, that work by modifying another existing drawing in Animate (the drawing behind). So in this case, those effects do not contain any matte information to be outputted in a render.

You can double-check this by doing a Render View on that effect and change to the Matte View, and you will see there is no corresponding matte for the shadow.

If you need to export a shadow matte, instead of using the shadow node, you should use a blur node (if necessary) and this will have a matte. Otherwise just apply a semi-transparent colour to the shadow drawing.

Hope this helps.