Effect for layer inside a peg

Hi guys,

I intend to use a glow effect for a layer which is located inside a peg layer, but it seems that all i can do is to use the effect for the whole peg.
So I wonder whether I have to create an extra peg layer for every layer I want to have this effect and to be moved independently…
This seems a bit over-complicated, doesn’t it? Or am I doing something completely wrong?

I have the opposite issue. I would like to apply a mask to an entire peg but I can do it only for a layer. I read the solution would be to group my peg but it is still not working.
Any ideas? Thanks
I use Harmony Advance 14 in timeline view.

You don’t exactly apply effects to pegs, but to the art work/layers, one by one or grouped. Pegs connect ‘over’ the art and effects ‘under’. Pegs change position, rotation, scale, while effects change - filter, mask, etc. - the art work before sending it to export. I assume you want to apply the mask to several layers. To do that you need to group the layers together, then apply whatever effect ‘under’ the group. You can select the layers on the Timeline, right-click and select Group Selection. When you have the group you should be able to apply an effect in the same way you would apply it to a single layer.

Luis Canau

Thanks for your reply Icanau,

I just tried again and it suddenly worked. I use Harmony Advanced and I work in the timeline view. I have no idea what the problem was in the end, maybe just a temporary issue or I managed not to drag the glow layer directly onto the desired layer but in between the layers every time…Silly me! :smiley:

Hi sp_schmid,

Let us know if ever this happens again in case there would be an issue with the Timeline. :slight_smile:

Glad it worked!


If I understand well you have several layers connected to a peg? Which version of Harmony do you use, are you working via timeline or network/node view? In terms of transformation anything connected to that peg will be affected but you can connect a glow to only one of several layers connected to a peg. Technically, a glow affects only a layer not a peg. If you have a group (or several layers connected to the same composite) and connect the glow to it it will affected all layers inside it. If you want to affect only one you only connect to that layer.

Luis Canau