Effect doesnt work in Drawing view

I want to ask about the module efffect that doesnt work in drawing area…

the example is, I use Peg to resize all my layer drawing…

I parent all my drawing to peg, and I resizing peg… but when I go to drawing view, the peg effect is dissappear… same as colour override and the other I use…

can you guys tell me how to make the effect or module appear in drawing view

I am pretty sure that you can’t make modules work in the drawing view. The drawing view is meant for editing one drawing only without any transformations or post production effects applied (so you can edit a walkcycle without the character running away from you and without all the shading and glow stuff that might make it hard to see the line).

hmmm too bad

thank you very much for the reply, XAR :smiley:

Exactly the drawing view just shows the base drawings, whereas the Camera view will show you the drawings with the transforms on them.