Hello, folk!

I’m new here. I’ve been looking at the Education page and it seems that the word “Education” is used to mean “teaching me how to animate”. I was/am hoping to “use animation to teach”.

Is Animate that kind of application, where I can use it to create lessons, quizzes etc, like FLASH? (Ooops! Sorry about the comparison.) :-[



Animate will allow you to create animations although any type of interactivity will need to be done outside of the software.

I am not quite sure how you want to create those lessons and Quiz but if you want interactivity you will need to have a second software to complete your suite.

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THanx for the reply.

So, it seems like Flash it is for the quizzes, then. Create in Animate, import into Flash …

O.K. :slight_smile:

I also need to know more about it. Thank you so much for your updates here. :slight_smile: