EDL export per sequence

Our feature film workflow uses SBP 5.1. We export our sequences as QT, Wav and EDL that our pipeline directly can use to split the sequences up in Maya’s sequence controller. So far so good. Now, when we export QT and Wav, we can choose “one per sequence” and it will name the separate sequences according to the chosen naming scheme.

But EDLs are only exported one at the time, yes you can choose a separate seq., but it will just name it the name of the project.
Ability to export the entire project into separate EDLs per sequence and naming them accordingly just like QTs and Wavs would save me a lot of time.

–Hans, A. Film, Denmark

(On a side note to the programmers, I found that we needed to chop the 80 min film up in 8 parts, since strange things happen when whole sequences are imported and moved around - after a while it will not render QTs anymore and uses all memory and swap space - thus the workaround of splitting it up. It seems that the internal structure of the .sboard file in some way gets compromised. A way of checking the integrity of the project, some kind of “check and simplify .sboard file” function would probably be a really good thing. Mind you, when we take all our workarounds into consideration, we are still very happy with SBP, and its ease of use makes using it a given. )