Editing the animated material

I am making the cartoon and have started to get a grip of some of the basics. Using the camera I came to the following problem: I have animated 800 frames, but the thing that interests me is— can I edit those frames in a way that I use different cameras in a way to get from , for example, 10 seconds of a man who is walking - 15 or 20 seconds (diffrent angles of the same thing, and similar ). The thing is that I maybe understand how it would be done when starting from scratch, but now I dont know do I have to mess around the timeline in the exposition of the layers.

To sum it up- I would like to edit, mix everything like I want to to the length I want to with the sound I want to. Can it be done easily, or in some other software, or something other suggestion.

Thans everybody!

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You can easily get every angle by animating the peg.

However if you have all the scenes rendered out and your cutting moving etc, some post editing software like vegas pro or something might be more suitable.

Thanks! I have found some additional answers here on the forum.

The topics are named “using 2 cameras” and similar. You can render with cam1 and cam2 and then use this rendered material together in something like Premiere to cut things up and mix everything.