editing sounds?

Need help adjusting volume - I have two sounds overlapping (music, then a character speaks). So, I need to boost the speaking volume.
Great, but when I select my sound to edit
there’s only a “sound element” but no “current sound.”
All I can do is play back a sound. If I can’t get the sound into the lower panel “current sound” I can’t adjust it.
They “help” assumes you already have your selected sound into the lower panel, BUT NOT HOW TO GET IT THERE!
God, this is frustrating. It seems HELP and the tutorial tell you everything but what you really need. :frowning:

select the sound track you want to edit in the time line

right click to get the context menu and select "edit sound…"

the sound editor panel opens and displays the sound track in the “sound element” panel.

click inside the “sound element” panel of the sound editor and that will make the sound track the current sound in the lower panel so you can adjust it as desired. I hope this helps. -JK

YES! That helped, thank you very much.