Editing multiple frames (drawings)

I have a character with 4 eye frames for a blink. Say, frames 1 - 4. I need to re-position all the drawings and scale them down but I need to do it to the drawings, not with the transform tool/peg. Is there a way to “Edit Multiple Frames” like in (dare I say it…) Flash?


If you add a peg to them you can do all the reposition in the peg.

I’m not completely sure about this because I’m relatively new to the software, but you could probably find a way to do this by messing around with keyframes a bit? Either that, or I completely misjudged your question.

Hey mikeS!

One easy way you can do this is to expose all of the drawings that you want to resize on your timeline and use the Reposition All Drawings tool (located under the select tool along with the cutter tool)

This will reposition the drawings themselves and not put keyframes on it. It is not something that can be reseted back to the original position.

The manipulators are the same as the select tool but will affect all the exposed cels on your timeline.