Editing in Harmony

When you delete a frame or frames in Harmony it leaves a gap and I’m not quite sure how to get rid of that gap once it’s created. I know I can select everything in the timeline by drag selecting to slide everything past that gap to move it earlier in the time line, but that for me is a LOT of frames and it seems as though there should be an easier way.There is a feature in Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro whereby if you want to shore up the entire film you can select The Rolling Edit tool and it will select everything after a frame so you can slide it up to the earlier frames. Is this possible in Harmony? I’m thinking the answer is no, but I wanted to see if I have options. If not I’d love to ask for that feature.

6-10K frames per shot? good luck with that.

This would be indeed a nice feature…
Open the X-Sheet, select the empty cell and hit the “-” (minus) button.
Still tedious, but, maybe faster than dragging in the timeline ?

It is probably a bit more useful but it seems they should add something a bit easier. As it is, it’s almost as bad as Flash’s way of doing it!

if you are trying ot fill in a ton of empty cells over a period of time, select the range in the timeline and hit Fill Empty Cells in the Timeline toolbar. you can pull a range of cells using Z shortcut. you can also collapse a range of keyframes and cells, and drag and drop them around which might give you mixed results.

harmony is not an editing program. its geared towards character animation so it makes sense that it doesn’t have a Rolling Edit tool. that said I have found editing large groups of character key frames FAR easier to do in harmony than flash hands down. hope that helps!

Thanks, Frank, I’m WELL aware what Harmony’s capabilities are, but that does not mean it couldn’t use some easier tools. If I have a frame range of 2000, and I delete frames 20-28, it’s a GIANT pain in the ass to then slide all those frames perfectly to butt up against the spot before the gap. Especially with 15 layers, and audio. Yes, I know I could put a peg on it all, but that’s honestly not the point. It doesn’t seem like it would be a huge inconvenience to simply allow you to shore up the later frames to the earlier ones. I do it all the time at work and no I don’t really think it’s easier than Flash (which I use daily with 6-10k frames). Adding the Fill Empty Cells only puts BACK what I just cut, so it really isn’t the purpose I’m looking for.

You can use “fill with” and type a space character - yes, it’s a kind of awkward workaround

Having PLENTY of luck with that dude.Just finished up my 50th film doing that very thing with that typical amount of frames. Not sure why you think that’s crazy.Oh because Harmony CAN’T do that? Maybe yeah, I have seen it slow down with anything over a thousand frames. Well Flash can do it and does it daily here at work.

Cool story, bro.

Hello Milowerx,

Do you mind describing the computer you use to animate these with?