Editing exported ToonBoom movies in 3rd party editing software

Hello,recently I added some picture-in-picture interactive video thumbnails (for YouTube purposes) to my animation projects using imovie software.

However, the final result was much lower quality than the original .mov animation video which I exported from Toon Boom Studio (using quicktime/HD 1080p settings.) It stilled looked kind of HD, but colors were compromised, and movement was choppy in places.

Can I somehow retain the exact same quality as my original movie, even after importing to imovie, editing, and exporting from imovie? Might I simply need to play with some of the import/export settings in imovie till i get one that allows the final product to retain its original quality? Or is imovie incapable of exporting a video with the full quality of my original file?

Thanks for your help

hello adam

there is perhaps a problem with imovie, i don’t know i am under linux and i recommand you to try shotcut which is free charges and wich have a osx version i believe


edit: this way


I’ll give it a try, thanks for the reply!