Editing Cels in Xsheet

I am having a serious problem with the exposure sheet. To sum it up; if I copy and paste a cel and then try and edit the duplicate, it changes the original. So I cannot manipulate the duplicate of the original to get a new cel. I am a 3D animator and I want to use Pencil Check Pro to experiment with my thumbnails and rough out my animation,check timing etc. So I don’t have the time to separate everything into layers. I am drawing on one layer and need to do so quickly. And would like to be able to copy the cel or extend the cel and edit it without affecting the original. For instance I would be able to duplicate the previous frame. And draw over the duplicate. This way I could just redraw what will change on the face and transform the head. Without having to redraw the whole body.I am not going for pretty drawings, I am going for quick, rough, working animation. So I would like to be able to recycle frames. I have tried changing overwrite/insert mode. Copy pasting instead of extending exposure, renaming. Nothing works, it just changes the original to what I edited.can anyone help me please?

Hi robertAIf you copy the cell in the x-sheet and paste it in the x-sheet you extend the exposure of the same cell. If you alter the cell you alter all the cells with the same number(name). If you instead copy the drawing. Make sure the drawing view is active(red line around it). select all and copy, go to next cell (make sure that drawing view is selcted again) and paste. Now you will have a new drawing in that cell. You can change it without changing the previous.Hope this helps-Ivar

Thanks ivaar, That is exactly what I needed to hear. I have no idea why I didn’t think of just copy/pasting the drawing. I assumed the bulk of the work in the software is managed from the Xsheet. Oh well.Thanks again, I really appreciate it.