editing animatics on storyboard pro

Hi Everybody,
I’m an editor discovering storyboard pro with its trial version.
I’m asked to edit animatics for a pre school serie and I wonder if there is more than shown in the Toon Boom tutorial videos to work in the timeline view :
like the possibility of programming new shortcuts for play and navigation purposes ( for instance a simple press on the space bar to read and stop ) , making marks into the pannels on the time line so to have marks for the coming voices and soud efffects, …
Well, all these kinds of editing functionalities you have in software dedicated to editing !
If you know Storyboard pro stays basic on these editing thinks let me know, so I’ll stop looking for it, and if you have links to resources, or tips or personnal notes on further editing possibilities, well, thanks to pass the information , I’ll be forever gratefull !

You can tweak all shortcuts in preferences > shortcuts.
By default the spacebar is set to free pan and zoom but
it’s very easy to switch it with another function.

As for the clip markers, i don’t think SB Pro offers them,
we edit separate panels , not footage, right?
To find my way in the timeline i often use the ‘set colour’ on panels.

You can import a sound file exactly on the time cursor but i mostly
prepare an approx. lenght of the soundclips before importing them

For me, the strongest selling point why you’d want to edit in SB pro of course are the incredibly easy-to-use camera tools.


Hi Pauline,

I’ve been cutting shows in SB Pro for about 2 years now and will NEVER go back to Final Cut. If you still have any questions I’m more than willing to help you out. I’ve also been working with the Toonboom team help develop the software so I know it pretty much inside out.

Also open to anyone else that may have questions.