editing/adding zoom percentage presets

is there a preference or something that can be edited to change the values in the list of the “zoom value selector” in camera view? maybe something within the application bundle?

i’d like to have a few custom zoom values in the list to have my screen match print size, etc. ( 43%, 64%, etc.)

i feel like i was able to do this before, but maybe i’m thinking of a different application (?)


Regarding the camera, preferences have a look at https://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-17/premium/preferences-guide/camera-preference.html

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thanks, but i don’t see anything here regarding adding/changing the zoom percentages available. the only pertinent setting here is choosing the default zoom value, and that isn’t the solution in this case.

i want to add MORE values to this list of possible default values, but more importantly i want to change the list that appears in the Zoom Factor Selector in the lower left of the Camera panel.

i need a project that i am working on to be a particular size on my particular monitor (so the visible canvas is exactly 20 inches on my monitor), so i need to dial in an exact zoom percentage value (something like 43% or maybe a little more than that, need to test it.)

is there some file in the application bundle or something i can add/edit in a .plist or something like that that defines the available zoom values?