Editing a PDF template

I am using Storyboard Pro to create live action boards and need to export pdfs with captions that suit the requirements of the film.
Can anyone let me know how changes can be made to the Typical Japanese template ie I only need Notes and Dialogue as caption headings.
Many thanks.

To add a caption for the whole project go to Top Menu -Caption -Add Caption to Panels. To delete captions, go to top menu Captions - Delete Caption. A list of excisting captions will show to let you choose. Make sure you really want to delete. Caption and containing text will be deleted.

Please read the full post before you choose how to customize the export.

To design a project from start. Open a new project. Prepare the first panel as you wish the rest to look like and go to top menu Caption - Save Caption Layout As Default.
Similar adjustment can also be done to the Layers layout under Layers in the top menu.

What will show in the PDF depends both on which captions are in the project and if you choose to show the actual captions or not.

The best way may be to try it out. To create a new template go to the top menu -.File -Export -PDF a window opens. Choose the template you want to adjust. In this case Typical Japanese Template. Press duplicate.
You can now edit the template directly by pressing edit. You can also choose to edit in the normal interface. Close the export window and press the small downward arrow top right in one of the main windows. On the roll down menu choose PDF Export.This open the PDF Export within the window.You will now have access to the export options. Press Edit if you want to adjust the parameters.

Using the template as it is.
For your need as described you may reach a satisfactory result just making a couple of adjustments in the Panel PDF Options.
Go to the same small arrow as mentioned before. Select PanelPDF Options from the roll down menu.
Uncheque the Export All Captions. In the line below: Caption List, press the serial period sign to the right.A pop up window appear. Select the captions you want to show by shift selecting them in the list.
Select the range of panels you want to see in the preview. Press Preview button to see if its satisfactory.

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Thanks Ivar. Great information.

I am still struggling to find a way of changing the headings - CUT, PICTURE, CAPTION and DUR. For the job I am doing, these headings may be misleading for those using the final PDF.
Have you come across a work around for changing these?
I also have yet to find a way of making the panel frames 1:235. Again to avoid confusion I’d like to present the PDF as clearly as I can. The frames always appear as 16:9 (or similar) leaving a gap above and below the panel.

Cheers. All the best.

Hi again.

Souns like you should start with another template.
Try 3 panels vertical. Make a copy as described in the other answer.

In the panels tab turn of render camera. Uncheque any mark on the display area(bottom right). Turn of the panel and scene duration.
Set number of rows to 3 panel vertical spacing to 1 number of columns to 2 Panel horizontal spacing to 1.

Go to the Caption tab.
Cheque Specific font for caption names
Set caption font to Helvetica and font size to 8
Set caption title font to Helvetica and font size to 8.

Go to the Header tab.
Set Header hight to 14
Erase header logo. Set font to Helvetica and size to 8

Go to footer tab . Uncheque Display footer.

This should give you a very calm but filling PDF

Playing around with the parameters You will probably find a result that can pass your demands.

Best regards

That is fantastically helpful. Thank you.
Have a great Christmas!

Hello Ivar
Thank you for all your previous help on pdf exports.
I am now trying to enlarge the panel size so that they are more than half the width of an A4 sheet. Is this possible? Is it also possible to thicken the frame line that is around the panels.
Thanks again.