Edit texture


I have cloned a palate. I want to provide a darker texture to represent night. However, when I click on edit texture, the dialog box cannot ‘see’ my texture files. I think it must be a bug. Is there a work around?

The tint panel takes vector colours with IDs and adjusts the RGB values of the colour ID in order to tint the colours. Since it’s a vector process, it doesn’t work on bitmap textures.

Another way of doing this, which is applied to both vector and bitmap, is to put a dark blue colour say in a big rectangle on top of everything. Then apply the Blending effect to this, and you can play around with the blending options, like Multiply. Also you could put a transparency module on to lighten the effect.

Otherwise, for textures, you could also go back and make a night-time version of the texture in Photoshop.