Edit Texture Tool!?

I am a lil confused with the Editor Texture tool in Toom Boom Studio. I know this tool lets you manipulate gradient fills! Am I right when I assume that the Edit Texture tool affects gradient fills on a zone by zone basis! Meaning each individual painted zone!Just curious! Hopefully someone out there knows the ins and outs behind the Edit Texture tool. I feel it could come into good use! I am almost 95% sure I am right about the zone by zone basis statement I just made which I discovered through my experimentation with the Edit Texture tool; but I wanna be sure I am right about this! Thanks in advance for the replies!

The contour tool is primarily used to adjust contours which are the vector points that define a fill shape. They are part of your deformation tool set along with the transform tool. Deformation is one of the features that makes digital animation better than just draw and scan. By deforming shapes as they are presented across a sequence of frames you can create animation with less redrawing. So the contour editor is of huge value far beyond just manipulating a fill.

I am very sorry TGRS! I must have been falling asleep ;D! I was really referring to the Edit Texture Tool but I wrote Contour Editor Tool instead :-[! I modified my initial post so hopefully what I was saying is a bit clearer now! I think in the future I will drink coffee when I write my posts late at night ;D!

TGRS…you seem like you have a good understanding of Toon Boom judging from your fine explanation of the Contour Editor tool. I have the feeling you will be able to help me understand the Edit Texture tool! The Contour Editor tool is a bit esoteric like the Edit Texture tool so it is possible that this is why I wrote this instead but unfortunately it is not what I meant! I will even admit that I was struggling with the Contour Editor tool at one point but I have come to realize that it is an invaluable tool when it comes to defining the curves of your animation! Hopefully someone out there can still clarify the Edit Texture tool for me! TGRS…thanks for the reply anyway man ;)! You seem like you really know your stuff!

P.S.- TGRS…since we were on the topic of the Contour Editor tool before I would like to mention that I do find managing the vector points on lines to be difficult at times! Specifically…sometimes even after I delete vector points they return! It can be a bit of a hastle when you have a hundred or more vector points! This is a bit off topic but if you or someone else can clarify the best way to manage vector points I would really appreciate the help!

P.P.S.- Another question that has been bugging me about vector points is; what determines how many vector points a line receives!?

Thanks for the reply, I need to clarify a couple of things. Nothing significant but mostly from an introductory perspective. TGRS is short for TallGrassRadio Studios which is where I work as a writer and director and cartoon maker. Most people who know me from the FlashFilmMaker website that I help to moderate just refer to me as JK. Although I once had someone think that was internet slang for “just kidding”, it isn’t, they are my initials.

I’ll gladly help you or anyone else when ever I can and I am able to do so. I’m really a “greenie” when it comes to TBS so you will have to bare with me as I come up to speed. I’m very experienced in animation and in Flash as an animation tool so I should pick up TBS usage fairly quickly. There are some termonology differences and some metaphore differences so those are the real areas I need to identify. Both applications have their strong and weak points and I’m interested in using both appropriately to gain some synergy in our production work. As soon as I learn about the Edit Texture Tool I will gladly share my insights. -JK

Well…alright JK ;). Thanks for the reply anyway! Even though you haven’t exactly answered my question it is nice to know that there are people up on this forum that I can share my insights with. Sometimes I have found posting on forums to be a real waste of time because of the idle time that you sit without a reply! Your reply was very prompt which is cool 8)! Curious to hear what you learn from your experience with the edit texture tool! Maybe someone else out there can help clarify the exact nature of the edit texture tool for us!

P.S.- If I don’t check the Notify of replies checkbox…I won’t get an e-mail prompting me that someone has posted a response to this topic? Occasionally I have forgotten to check this box on some posts I have made here…that is why I ask this question.

You pretty much described this tools application. It is for modifying gradients or textures on a zone by zone basis. I have not yet seen any reference to using this tool to do global edits on swatches in a color palette. You have to do your editing on each painted zone as desired. I don’t even think the dropper tool or the paint all feature would migrate those specific zone edits but that might be worth a few minutes of experimenting just to test out. -JK