"edit multiple frames" like in flash

i am making the switch from flash to Harmony (just downloaded V.11) and a feature i use all the time in flash is the “edit multiple frames” feature in which you can select a range of frames (not the entire length of the animation) and move/resize/reshape just the frames within that range. i know you can turn off the animation button and edit the entire animation, but i need to be able to go in and just select all the drawings within a range of frames.

i have seen some workarounds, but my client is always asking me to do subtle resizes all the time and i need the precision of this (or similar) feature in Harmony

any help?

i would suggest using a peg to shift a range of frames. that way you can always turn it “off” by hiding the peg.

i did find that feature and that might be the workaround i am looking for, thank you much

can you share with us the feature you found to make "edit multiply frames with?

Oddly enough, I’m drawn back into a thread I previously replied to almost five years ago, HOWEVER i have a another answer now. Nested under the Animate button, you’ll find Animate Onion Skin Range which functions exactly like Edit Multiple Frames in Flash except better because its in Harmony :slight_smile: