edit imported png image

If i click the import button from the file menu it imports the png image. when I click on the image in the drawing space all the commands are disables. How can I move the image? I can in camera view but not in drawing view. I tried converting the image to a vector, which creates a separate layer but it sometimes messes up the image. Please advise.

Apply a peg to the image and move/rotate/scale the peg using the Transform tool. Make sure the layers are unlocked too.

Bare with me here I’m new to this. I imported an image (png) to a timeline layer. I then added a peg. I then manually parented the png to the peg. I could have did this automatically with the other command button but chose to do it manually. I then turned on the peg layer. I’m in drawing mode. The transform tool is already selected but I don’t see any handle to manipulate it. Please advise.

Sorry, I missed the part about you needing drawing view. I haven’t ever been able to edit any imported raster images in drawing mode. I think that mode is limited to Drawing modules. You’ll have to wait for someone official from TBoom to answer that one I think.

You can’t move a peg in the Drawing view. You can only move vector objects. If you had vectorized the Png with the Color style you could move the image because then it was texture bitmap inside a vector box. You could cut, erase, move parts in the Drawing view.

Normally you use the Camera view to do scene planning i.e. camera moves, layer moves, effects. The Drawing view is not meant for this. You can draw in the Camera view also if you use one of the drawing tools. The Transform tool is a scene planning tool.

If you choose the new layer option while importing images you can make the software fit the image to either hight or width.
In the drawing view you can adjust the size with the select tool.
In the camera view remember to turn of animation button if you don’t want to make a keyframe while scaling with the transform tool.

Also the camera can be used with the scale tool( this will adjust the whole scene. Just add a camera by pressing the + sign in the left compartment of the timeline and choose camera. You can also a adjust the size with the transform tool by moving the cam on the z axis in the top view.

If you add a peg to the camera you can animate it over time by animating the peg.

Hope this helps


I want to import and image and trace over it. Before doing that I want to scale it but I can’t. So your saying there’s no way to scale the image in drawing mode?

As I said you can scale it if it’s vectorized as Color. Because then it’s a vector box with a texture inside and this the Drawing view can deal with since it’s vector. Use the Select tool to resize the image.

The other option is to draw in the Camera view where you can use the Transform tool to modify the size of the layer. Then use the Brush tool on a new layer to do the rotoscoping.

do you convert the png by right clicking “convert to vector”. Sometimes this messes up the image. Sometimes I get a diagonal line and on one side the image is good and the other its missing.

Hi glenR

I was not aware of the right click in the timeline option.
ToonBoom Studio have that.
To vectorize on import is easy and gives you many alternatives.
(page 368 in TB Animate Pro 2 user guide)

There is also the videotutorials, look here:


If you turn on light table you will be able to se the image in drawing view.
If the image looks to pale, go to preferences, - Drawing
and turn up the value on the laght table: Wash.

If your image is to big: zoom out make your tracing and scale down the tracing in drawing view afterwards.

If you trace series of images import them on same layer, trace all (remeber to save regularly, Animate Pro do not autosave) Then duplicate the trace layer (rightclick on layer in timeline left compartment) and scale the copy using the Reposition all drawings-tool (Its hidden under the select tool)

You can also trace drawing in the camera view.
If you find the image to strong turn on light table and selected layers will show in a washed out way. To adjust wash, go to preverences and do as explained above.


imported png image isn’t difficult to be edited with a image editor,even more than 30+ image formats are supported.

i agree with you. do you have any similar image editor that can help us?