Edit drawing substitutions

Is it possible to edit, modify, and/or delete individual drawing substitutions once they have been created for use in a timeline layer?

Perhaps it is simpler to just create a new substitution drawing rather than to try to edit an existing one. I do not know if there is a limit to how many substitutions a layer can contain.

Searching the User Guide and these forums yielded no info regarding the above.

Thanks for any tips you can provide.

if you edit a substitution then it will change all instances of it.

If you want to reuse the drawing to make a different one either copy and paste into a new drawing or use the create new drawing.

There probably is a limit on the number of subs you can have, but I have never hit it.

Thanks Raider and Lilly for such clear and useful information.

The Toon Boom forums (with Lilly at the helm) are great!

As TheRaider said, when you have a drawing exposed in the timeline, and you edit it, it edits right away the one in the Library as well. So if you want to edit a drawing, simply expose it on the Timeline, and change it.

If you want to delete a drawing from the library, expose it on the Timeline, then right-click on it and select Drawing > Delete Selected Drawings