edit content on several frames

I have a 500 fr. scene and I would like to change the line thickness on all frames. There must be a way to do this efficiently rather than selecting the content on each individual frame one by one with the selection tool and then change the pencil line thickness.

This ough to be the same procedure if I would like to change the color on all frames as well.

How can I do this?

it’s hand drawn unique frames on two’s. Some of them are duplicates/copies (if the line is changed on one of those it changes on the duplicates as well).

I am able to change the line and color on a single hand drawn frame at a time but I wanna select all content through the entire animation and make the line a bit thicker.

just like the Reposition all Drawings tool where you’re able to, well, repostiotion all drawings across the entire animation.

It must be possible, at least through the network using a node.

This will depend on how much you are relying on software interpolation and the number of unique keyframes.

If you used the Pencil Tool and want to change lines:

  1. Click on the BLACK ARROW
  2. Encircle the line to highlight it. (Do not change the tool. Keep the black arrow selected).
  3. A Pencil Selection window is exposed with options for line variables. Adjust these and the line will be effected in real time.

Generally, in the most basic interpolation animation you could make such an adjustment to the first frame in a drawing layer that would alter everything thereafter.

But this would need to be done on more than one drawing layer/frame depending on the animation art.

Is there any hand drawn frame by frame art included in what you want to change?