Edit bounding box size function

In many studios I’ve worked (Wildbrain, Titmouse, Atomic), the layers are generated from .PSD files.

If we import it as a toon boom bitmap, the bounding boxes are adapted to the image size on each layer, instead of creating a huge empty area with the full resolution of the file, but performance gets a massive hit.

The only way to work is by importing it as a regular bitmap, but by doing that, all layers get bounding boxes based on the full resolution, with a lot of empty areas around in most of the layers.

I would like to have the option to add a module that allowed me to re-edit the bounding box, so smaller layers could be easily moved, scaled and rotated.

That kind of module would also help to work with characters and objects containing huge masks, the bounding box could be adapted to only what is visible on screen.

Here is an image exemplifying the situation: