Easy way to do eye blinks using masks and tweens?

I’ve started using the process in this video to keep character pupils from appearing outside of eyeball areas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVDaQriZvWM And I’m also hoping to create an easy process for blinking by incorporating a skin-colored eyelid layer that I can use in tweens to lower itself across the eye and back up. What’s the best way to go about doing this both for eyes using the above process as well as more conventional ones where I just place the pupils above the eye layer and be careful with them? I’ve tried doing manual frame by frame stuff, but it’s time consuming and I’d like to streamline the process.

It depends a little on which version of Harmony you use.
If you use essential or Advanced this is the way and if you use Premium you work with nodes.

This show how the cutter ( masking ) works


/ Mattias

I think a mask for eye works fine.
In the video you linked to they use an older way to use the mask. In the current versions it works a bit different.

/ Mattias

Is there anywhere I can see a tutorial on the current method?