Easy Flipping with segment looping

Easy flipping tool was a clever idea for traditional animators but it unable to flip with a segment of animation. For an example, if the total frames is 100, it would be nice that it can loop a segment of the animation from 40 to 50.

Hi hlW_15949,

You can do it by selecting your range of drawings in the Xsheet view, right-click on the selection and select Send to Drawing Desk.
Your Drawing view will then start flipping only through the selected drawings.

More info here: http://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-12-2/premium/paperless-animation/drawing-desk.html?Highlight=drawing%20desk

Hope this helps!


Thanks Marie, it works:)

I have been using this " send to drawing desk " for quite sometimes , but did not realize this method can also use for easy flipping with selected range. I don’t think I see this in the TB documentation.

BTW, I’ve also assigned my tablet touch key (slide up and down) with shortcut F and G so that I can feel like actually flipping.

I remembered in the those days, where most traditional animators’ complaint was lack of this easy flipping technique, especially for traditional effects artists’ who have to flip with multi-layers (minimum 6 layers), can now see this is a very useful tool.

Good job!


Indeed, there is no note in that section of the documentation.
I will ask our Documentation Specialist to add it. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I havent used the Drawing Desk option.
There is info in the documentation on how it works but I can find any good info what the main purpose of it is.

So there are a few questions I have.

  • are the drawing you send still linked to the drawings you sent from?
  • When would you say is the times you need to send images to the Drawing Desk?

I will test this as well but there could always be things you never thought of.

/ Mattias
using Harmony Advanced