Easy adding joints to existing deformers

Would be nicer if you can simply add joints in existing deformers, Right now to be able to add joints or points to the existing deformer you need to copy and paste the joints inside the deformer and insert to the chain. Hopefully toonboom find a way to create tools that can add points or joints in the existing deformer.


Copying and pasting (Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V) nodes is quite dangerous, as the copied node will share its animated functions with the original node.

Thus, I’d advise you to rather duplicate the joint nodes in order to make sure that tey are completely indepent.

Another solution would be to drag in a fresh new joint node from the Node Library.
If you are working with in Curve Mode, you’ll very likely want to drag in “Curve” nodes and if your are working in “Bone and Articulation Mode” you’ll certainly want to drag in “Bone” nodes.

Thanks for update and quick reply, very informative for me.

Again really appreciate for post, very thankful.