Easter Greetings

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and a joyful Holiday -
and specially to those of you who still believe in “Easter Bunnies”.



Nice job Nolan!

And thanks for the easter wishes.

Cool Stuff Nolan,

Is your character fully cut out animation ?

Easter Egg heu … Tip: When saving a Quick Time movie for the web, make sure to select the option “Prepare for web - Fast start” to allow the video to start playing while it’s downloading the rest of it on the hard drive.

This way the user can watch the beginning while it’s downloading in the background.

Happy Easter!!!

Hi Mathieu,

Thank you very much for your excellent tip
“preparing a Quicktime movie for the web”.

Always thought you would need your own server for that,
so I never activated these settings.

Yes the “Bunny” is fully cut out animation (saved as a template).

For this animation I have modified some colours (trousers got a gradient),
created a few more mouth-shapes - working with the “Sound Editor”,
changing some “Lip Assignments” and “Automatically Mapping the
Lip Sync Drawings” was just marvellous and easy to handle.
(Proud owner of Toon Boom Studio V3 for just a few weeks)

Even afterwards changing a few mouth-shapes or assigning some
closed eyes to certain frames via the “Cell-Tab” is just a breeze.

If you like you can download the unmodified template called “Bunny1.tbt”
From my iDisk:

Sorry, Template has been removed.


Hi Nolan,

Thanks for sharing your character, you did a fantastic job.

It’s very nice (well built, the hierarchy is perfect).

You seem to have understand TBS’s concepts very well.
We made the cell tab for eye blinks, lipsynch and stuff like that.

You can also make multiple position or shape of an objects (let say a closed and opened hand) and switch them with the cell tab when doing cut out animation.

Good work!