Easing your tweens?

How do you ease your tweens in TB Animate? Is it anything like Flash? If so, where can I find it? Thanks!


Check out Tutorial Pack 13: Animation Path Part II…
(should come out February 4th)

In the meantime try the User Guide:
e.g. “Modifying a Path in the Function View” or “Adjusting the Velocity”
or “Adjusting the Velocity on several Layers… etc.


Hi Tony,

It’s possible but more complicated to do than it is in Flash unfortunately.

Here’s what I do to achieve a slow-in/soft ending between 2 keys.

Select all the keys in the timeline that you want slowing down (the first keys)

Then in the Timeline toolbar select the “Set ease for multiple frame” button - second from the right.

In the “Right value ratio” field, type a number - the higher the value the stronger the slowing down.

To speed up, type a number in the “Right time value” field - the higher the value the stronger the speed up.

As I’m no mathematician I only figured this out by trial and error.


Thanks for going to the trouble there.

I’m using Animate Pro 2.

That is the technique that I described in my post except for the fact that I tend to just type directly in the appropriate field (Right Value Ratio for a slow ending/ease-in) rather than using the bezier curves as I’ve never really understood these…

I tend to use a value of 100 in either field as this creates a nice tight movement.


One thing I’m never sure about is the “Apply” and “Apply/Next” buttons. I always use the “Apply” button and that gets the job done.



Mrdunn are you using Animate / Animate Pro 1? With Animate / Animate Pro 2, there is a button on the Timeline Toolbar that lets you Set Ease on Multiple Parameters that brings up a graphical interface that’s much more intuitive for setting the ease.

Just select the first key on all the layers you’re interested in setting the ease on, then hit this button in the toolbar. Then you can drag on the bezier handles. Here’s a screenshot:


Now if you don’t see the Set Ease on Multiple Parameters button on that toolbar by default (when I opened up Animate 2 it wasn’t showing there) then you can add it by right-clicking on the toolbar and selecting Customize, then click on the button on the left for Set Ease on Multiple Parameters, and then click on the right triangle in the centre to add it to the toolbar on the right.


Hope this helps!