Easing a move of master controller's slider does nothing

Ok, so i have a MC. I’m setting a location of its slider at the beginning of animation, then i’m setting the slider at the end of the animation. The final move is without ease in and ease out, so i’m easing in and out the slider, but it does nothing. The slider IS eased, but it doesn’t reflect on the animation itself. Solutions?


The slider’s value only tells the slider to what position it has to set its handle for the current frame.
That value doesn’t affect anything else.

If you want to change velocities, you’ll will have to apply them as usual, to the keys (that were created by the Master Controller) of the animated objects.

So i need to know what pegs/deformers are controlled by MC, right? What if there are dozens of it? How to quickly select them?

Imagine Master Controllers as another (more convinient and sofisticated) kind of Pose Copier.
Once th pose is pasted the MC doesn’t keep any connection with what it did.

  1. You could create selection sets at the same moment when you create your MCs and then use them later when you’re animating.*


  1. You could apply the velocities to all the keys of your rig’s pose.

*EDIT: Sorry, this won’t work as I thought it would. Selection sets will enable you to select nodes but, unfortunately, not to select their keys.

What is it? You mean velocity modifier, or what?

It’s the values you set to your interpolation when you ease it in or out.

Honestly, it sucks. I don’t believe it is SO big problem for developers to change it, yet it’s ignored. I mean isn’t it something obvious to aim at making MC work better/more comfortable?

Another thing is when i build some more complex 360 MC with 30+ cells and with drawing substitutions being changed. Why, i’m asking why only the frames where i insert slider’s keyframes are registered by a character? Why even to give a possibility to put a drawing substitutions into MC, if their changing is ignored in frames where slider’s keyframes aren’t inserted (my bad. Not even inserted, but in frames where slider WASN’T ACTUALLY MOVED).

Actually nvm. My rant is caused by too high expectations. You see in animation software i worked earlier with, called Blender, its master controller (called “driver”) is much more wired to the things it controlls. But Blender is a free software - that would explain a lot. Yeah, it was sarcasm, sorry.