Ease and squash and stretch.

I have done a bit of animation of a squashing ball and I want to tweak the velocity between the keys. Is there any way of having an ease in/out velocity set for the scale x and y values at the same time? If I link them the ball scales uniformly.

Also, is there a way of automatically maintaining the volume of the ball when I squash and stretch?


I would suggest to select your keyframes in the Timeline, right-click and select Set Ease For Multiple parameters.

This allows you set the same ease of several parameter of 1 keyframe or a several keyframes.

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Thanks. That’s what I was looking for. Though I only seem to be able to set the ease for 1 keyframe at a time. Probably because I’m using Animate standard?
Not a big deal as I can step through the keys in the pop up panel.

Shame there is no way to maintain volume. Anime Studio does this with a key stroke modifier and it is a real time saver.

You can select the functions that you’re interested in and use the “Apply Ease to Multiple Parameters” function in the timeline. Are you using Animate 2 or Animate Pro 2? If you turn on the Timeline toolbar, then it’s in this toolbar.

Simply select the functions by hitting the + sign on the timeline layer to show its functions.

There is no way to automatically maintain volume when you squash and stretch.

Hope this helps.


When you use Set Ease on Multiple Parameters, it sets the ease on one keyframe at a time for multiple functions. So, if you have both Scale X and Scale Y selected and use this operation, you can drag the handles and the ease you set will apply to both functions. Then you can hit apply/next to go to the next keyframe.