Get error E1111, informing me the file I am trying to open is either moved, renamed, or deleted. Yet, the file is on my hard drive and size is 4.2 Mb. How do I successfully open the file in SB 8. I do have Maverick on my Mac OS.

This is what the two errors I get:

file.tbpd could not be found. This file may have been moved, renamed or deleted. [E1111]

I opened my file then closed it. Then 20 minutes later when I tried to open it gave me this error.

I also get the same error for a second file that I attempted to open after getting the above error with the other file.

I’m not sure which file you are referring to but the Toon Boom Studio project file should exist in your project’s folder and have a .tbp (toon boom project) file extension. If you have moved or deleted this file you would get the error message you describe.

Maybe you could do a system file search using [projectname].tbp and restore the file to your project’s folder.