Dynamic Spring animation set to twos

Anybody found a good way to get the dynamic spring in constraints to animate on twos or threes to match a project’s frame usage?

Hi, I dunno what they are talking about you explained it perfect the first time. you just want the Dynamic spring keyed on 2’s.

I’ll assume you’ll have what you want on ones in your scene:

Follow these steps

step 1

Go to timeline. find your dynamic spring
hit the + to open up the properties
find Active
Key value 100 on the frames you want. yes use the “create keyframs on” to put on 2’s 3’s. whatever you want.

step 2

Go to the Layer Properties of the spring, (node view, yellow box on node)
below Active is a box
Match Animation on Active Attribute (Thats your guy, Check him)

and Taddaaaa!


Please explain more about the constraints you are asking about
and the context. IT may help to include screenshots.

Sorry, I did explain that poorly. I meant the dynamic spring. Is there any way to get the dynamic spring, which tweens to animate on 2’s or 3’s as you would with traditional/tradigital animation.