dynamic brush

I can create a dynamic brush ( In black) . Why can’t i then select another colour and use that brush in the chosen colour. I can create another dynamic brush in another colour but again I can’t change this brush colour . Why is the brush shape permanently linked to the brush colour?
I mean seriously , that’s madness.

Would you ever in the real world by a brush that would only paint in yellow ?!!

Tell me I am missing something here.

Ok, so I can understand it’s confusing. It’s difficult to explain, but here goes:

If you’ve used Photoshop before, you might be familiar with the difference between ‘TOOLS’ and ‘BRUSHES’, well it’s not so different here.

With Toonboom, TOOLS are able to retain more information than BRUSHES do.
I guess you could think of it like this:

BRUSHES are purely about size, shape and optional applied texture. They are EITHER Vector brushes OR Bitmap brushes and the brush selection palette will change depending on whether you have a Vector layer or a bitmap layer SELECTED.

TOOLS are made up of a combination of the aforementioned BRUSHES + COLOUR SWATCH as well as other useful workflow attributes such as layer selection, unique icons for organisation etc.
Tools essentially allow you to fine tune and enhance your brushes for later use.

They allow you to export/import a package of defined brushes, for example, which is particularly useful when working with other team members.

You mention dynamic brushes, well they are different. I guess they work in a similar way to TV Paints animated brushes, When clicking New Dynamic Brush, they simply rip whatever image you have on your currently selected layer and turn it into a brush. Personally I’ve never used them, and can’t see much use for them as they are now.

I would play around with the Vector and Bitmap brushes till you find combinations you like then open up the Tool presets manager and create a selection of your favorites for later use.

I’ve put together an image of one of my SBP layouts and how it fits together.


Any other questions I’ll try and answer clearer.

You missed something :wink:

Go to ‘Manage Tool Presets’ a ‘cog icon’ in the tool presets bar.

You should see a list of pre-packaged/your saved brushes down the left side.
On the right you should see a bunch of options.
Look for the check box with the word ‘colour’ next to it.
Uncheck it, and you should now be able to use that brush with any colour selected from the colour palette
Change the brush shape in the tool properties window.

Personally I create my Brush Presets (ROUGH/CLEAN/BG/TONE) to automatically select their shape/size, colour and specific layer as this massively speeds up boarding.

Thanks for replying. First - I have never seen or used that manage tool presets bar. I have tried to understand it but I don’t get what it is for . Why do I essentially need two sets of preset brush sets . Its just confusing.
The brush presets window on the right is all I need . I can create brush styles , save them with the add brush button and boom , they are there in my brush window . I can change the colour of these brushes any time I like . All except the Dynamic brush. I cannot find any video explaining how to create a dynamic brush.
So I clicked the cog, opened manage tool presets as you suggested but still could not get the dynamic brush I created to change colour from the colour the brush was created in ( even though I unchecked the colour button in the manage tool presets window.)
Could you perform a’ create dynamic brush’ test for me and run me through the process. I really need to create some nicer brushes for sketching with as the preset brush shapes in toon boom are pretty basic.
Appreciate any help .